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April 11, 2018

Certainly not a simple task, but kids can learn to enjoy vegetables. Here's how our family does it.

April 10, 2018

How our family found a simple way to save time in the morning, save money, reduce 'the morning rush' stress and stay healthy!

March 24, 2017

Writing about why I rock motherhood is a challenge. No, seriously! Some sweet mama decided to turn this into a challenge! It's going around the world, encouraging moms to think about their role, their contribution, the acknowledgment of everything we as mamas are and do. How could I say no?

March 20, 2017

Do you ever batch cook beans and grains? Let's combine these ingredients together in this incredibly filling and tasty salad.

March 15, 2017

Each family is different and functions in its own way.  All rules, all tips, don't apply to all. Children are different. Some are incredibly stubborn, strong-minded, some have certain food-related conditions, while some simply lack exposure to diversity, and then there are those who will eat everything, everywhere, anytime (my youngest used to be like that). What I'm about to share, worked for us. Although to be fair, there were times, when I wanted to give up. In those situations I reached out, to those I look up to. Perseverance paid off!

At our Family Nutrition Workshops, we break some myths and show parents what can be done, to encourage our young ones to go for more veg than usual. There's something about a positive, stress-free environment, where the parents are asked to step aside, and the kiddos are invited to take the lead. Eventually, even the most resilient ones give in, and try something. Now, combine all this with some super-hero names, and a few options to choose...

March 15, 2017

This blog post was going to happen in one form or another, sooner or later. I guess sooner than I thought. How did we turn a problem into a norm, instead of going for solutions available?

February 16, 2017

We are dealing with quite a few challenges on our journey to a healthier, happier family. Some are just our own, but let's talk about those some other time. Some of the challenges our family encounters, happen to literally every woman, parent, a family I speak to, or follow their blogs / social media accounts. I'll name a few in the upcoming blogs. Perhaps you find yourself dealing with them too. Remember, we're hanging out here, to empower each other through our experiences gained so far...

I've dedicated most of my life, trying to come up with ideas on how to effectively improve health, eating habits, exercise regimes, lifestyles. I figured, if I learn how to improve myself, then I can share that knowledge with others, and hopefully inspire them to do the same.

The ideas seem to work great on grown-up individuals, but as soon as it comes down to our families, especially those little humans, we come across our first obstacles. This is exactly what's going on in our house. We spen...

February 15, 2017

We needed a dairy-free, oil-free tofu cheesecake! Desperately! Here is the result. Enjoy!

February 14, 2017

Welcome to my very first blogging attempt. Honestly, it's petrifying to think that others might be interested in other person's opinion, tips, and information. As English is not my first language, I do apologize in advance for all the grammatical mishaps, they will happen. It's all a part of a journey, right? Let's do this!

Who am I? Who do I need to be, to make an impact? In my head, there's this perfect image of a healthy, strong, independent woman. A woman that contributes to her family and community on a greater scale. Can it be done? Can a girl do it on a scale that she actually enters and masters 'the big boys game'? I've seen these answers in real life! They exist!

But how do you get there? There are so many challenges on the path. And it's never a straight path. Tons of curves, distractions on the way (we know how we ladies are when it comes to distractions!), and of course, there will always be some obstacles. I guess, if I acknowledge there will be challenges, it means I antici...

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March 24, 2017

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