The journey begins...

Welcome to my very first blogging attempt. Honestly, it's petrifying to think that others might be interested in other person's opinion, tips, and information. As English is not my first language, I do apologize in advance for all the grammatical mishaps, they will happen. It's all a part of a journey, right? Let's do this!

Who am I? Who do I need to be, to make an impact? In my head, there's this perfect image of a healthy, strong, independent woman. A woman that contributes to her family and community on a greater scale. Can it be done? Can a girl do it on a scale that she actually enters and masters 'the big boys game'? I've seen these answers in real life! They exist!

But how do you get there? There are so many challenges on the path. And it's never a straight path. Tons of curves, distractions on the way (we know how we ladies are when it comes to distractions!), and of course, there will always be some obstacles. I guess, if I acknowledge there will be challenges, it means I anticipate them and don't get discouraged once they appear. They were meant to appear! Once, I overcome them, or figure out how to go around them (they may just be there for others to take them on, yet still influence how I perceive them), I become the stronger, better version of myself.

On my current path, I am dealing with quite a few challenges. Some of these happen to literally every woman I speak to or follow their blogs / social media accounts. Some are just my own. In the next few posts I will describe a few, and maybe you find yourself dealing with them too. It's hard going through any challenge, and yet, it is comforting to know, we are not alone. That in this exact moment, someone is going through them too. And they intend to not only survive but come out of them better, wiser, stronger. So, here's to empowering each other through our experiences learned on the journeys ahead!

- Yours in health,



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