Persist, or give in?

We are dealing with quite a few challenges on our journey to a healthier, happier family. Some are just our own, but let's talk about those some other time. Some of the challenges our family encounters, happen to literally every woman, parent, a family I speak to, or follow their blogs / social media accounts. I'll name a few in the upcoming blogs. Perhaps you find yourself dealing with them too. Remember, we're hanging out here, to empower each other through our experiences gained so far... I've dedicated most of my life, trying to come up with ideas on how to effectively improve health, eating habits, exercise regimes, lifestyles. I figured, if I learn how to improve myself, then I can share that knowledge with others, and hopefully inspire them to do the same.

The ideas seem to work great on grown-up individuals, but as soon as it comes down to our families, especially those little humans, we come across our first obstacles. This is exactly what's going on in our house. We spent weeks, months in a certain season introducing healthy solids to a baby, just so he could forget he's ever liked, or even had them. So the following season you start all over. Or you simply give up. But that was never an option in our house.

We stick to the basic rules of the house:

1. You eat, shower, brush teeth, sleep - no negotiating.

2. Playtime is mandatory! Extra lessons, classes, and learning are not. ;) Since our boys are currently still under 8y.o., we don't see the need to add on to their stress. We do, however, register them to activities if they ask for them.

3. You put your seat belt on - no fussing tolerated (it actually made all the difference, after both boys came out of a car crash without a single scratch!).

On that note, I will never forget a lady picking up her kid from a daycare, chasing this not even 2-y.o. human around the car, hoping to get her into the car seat. I remember wondering, if that would even be an option, if she had 2 or 3 more little creatures, and needed to be somewhere by a certain hour... I hope they figured it out, eventually.

4. You respect everyone around you! If you can not help, you do not make them feel worse. The same applies to animals (on the photo: MJ talking to a snail).

5. 100/0 rule - We've just started applying this. You can not blame others for your shortcomings. You do your best, you take 100% responsibility for your actions, 0 excuses. If you fail, at least you know you've done your best, but you also learn why you failed and what you can do to succeed next time. At the same time, when you succeed, you do it because you decided to let go of all barriers placed in your head, and focus on the goal.

The last one is not really a rule, but our understanding, that we are not here to be their friends, BFF's, but to be their parents. To provide all the nurture, love, safety and moral and ethical base on which they will build their lives upon.

Back to eating... Well, it may take us a bit longer, before we can all come out of this as winners. But I can be sure, the second we give in to whims of a tiny human, that's when all of the efforts, time away from the family to learn, experimenting, money spent on healthy solutions, doing research, attending courses and workshops..., go down the drain. Yes, we could take the easy way out, and yes, it takes a lot of effort, but our 6-y.o. shows us on a daily basis that it was worth it! Exchanging success stories with other families gives hope and encouragement! And what a pleasure it is to cook, when you know you don't have any limitations and can unleash your creativeness! So let's take a deep breath, put a 'calm face' on, and pick our battles! Making everyone a winner doesn't happen in a day. But it can happen! :D

Yours in health, Su


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