Breakfast anyone?

Our breakfasts are quite a bit different than the usual eggs, bacon, muffins and coffee. Our family loves a nice, tasty, filling shake first thing in the morning. It's probably the only thing our silly family has been consistent with. Can you imagine, that you actually look forward to morning, knowing everyone in the fam feels the same way? That is until they start bickering about who gets to make the shakes today. Actually, the grown-ups also get to have some energising tea before it, but shush, don't tell our babes! It's not like they need any extra energy! Ha!

Why shakes, what's wrong with the 'conventional' breakfast, you may ask? There's quite a few reasons:

1. They're simple!I don't like to chew in the morning! Nope, no way would rather starve than attempt to bite, chew and try to swallow all the dense food. And I did, for years! Weird, I know! My hubs on the other end, he'd go for super dense, super unhealthy options. I know for sure, a muffin and coffee wouldn't do it.

2. It's fast!The shakes are done fast, and who really has time in the morning during the week?I have them done in 60 seconds, yes, that would be 1 minute for all four of us!It saves me tons of time and gives me a chance to start my day less stressed. And I'm all about less stress before my body has had the chance to properly wake up (any other Mama feeling this?).

3. Low in calories, but nutrient dense! They have all the nutrients you need to start your body right. And breakfast is the key meal when it comes to managing energy levels, weight, and most of all, health. 4. With the conventional options, I am more likely to skip the healthy ingredients and go for the tasty options. Anyone else like that? And no chewing, right! Unless, it's a nice chocolaty croissant, with a bucket full of coffee. But then, that doesn't really come with the right package of nutrients... So, I pass.

5. Results so far. Regardless of all opinions, to me, nothing means more than all the results our family's had in the past eight years. And all we changed was a healthy breakfast. I'm not sure how much I can depend on the breakfasts being healthy at our kid's pre-school and school, and it just means the world to me, their little magical bodies get something really good to start them off right. And they are by far the healthiest kids in their schools (for now, ahem... knock on wood!).

Do we have them on weekends too? Yes! Good nutrition shouldn't be reserved just for the weekdays. Not only do we have them in the morning, often we'll pack them and have them as a snack. It just saves us any extra trips to fast foods, no need to line up in coffee shops, plus, it saves you quite a lot of money! A family of four, casually grabbing some 'coffee' at a nearby coffee shop will easily spend $15 (my hubby disagrees, and says I should multiply by 2 to make it realistic). Include all the croissants (or any pastry of your choice) and coffees during the week (2 grown-ups), and it totals to a minimum of $75! Multiply by 4 (weeks), and it pays for an annual family ticket to a Monterrey aquarium (+ extra free guest passes!). So, shakes during the weekends too - more fun time outdoors! Yay!

Not sure what to bring as a healthy option after kid's classes (gymnastics, dance class, martial arts class, soccer practice,...)? How about a tasty, nutritious, delicious shake?

Our kids are just so used to just running towards their backpacks and grabbing their shakers. If I know they will be emptying their batteries, we add some extra banana slices, or even peanut butter and oats. They looooooove it!

The options a limitless! We love our vanilla flavor, as it's the most neutral and really mixes well will any extras we blend in (spinach, berries, seeds, nuts, beets,...). Of course, other flavors are amazing just as well, and really fun to play with (love mixing F1 Banana Caramel + F1 Chocolate, F1 Mint Chocolate + F1 Caffe Latte, F1 Pumpkin Spice + F1 Cookies & Cream,...). You can tell, I've had these in my kitchen for a while now... As we've been using these particular shakes in our household, a lot of our friends and families started on Herbalife nutrition too. I've slowly, yet organically transitioned from a devoted client to a Coach. That is why, you can find your shakes, your Healthy Breakfast on this page too. We love our breakfasts, are happy with our healthy, delicious solutions and won't change it for anything else! But it does help to have science, international results and our family's results to stick to our extraordinary way. Although this is my job, the most exciting part of it is helping others simplify their mornings and achieve better health.

Wish to try your Healthy Breakfast, but don't want to go for a full moth program? No problem! We have a 6-day healthy breakfast trial available! What do you need to do? - Get in touch so you can get pricing for your country and first steps to take - Replace your breakfast with a shake and enjoy the tea that comes with the trial pack

- Let me know how how you liked it!

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