Tired of DIETS that DON'T work? Tired of FEELING tired?

LOST in conflicting information and feel STUCK?

Our Wellness Programs HELP

  • improve ENERGY levels

  • overall HEALTH and IMMUNE SYSTEM

  • promote regular DIGESTION

  • and manage healthy WEIGHT

Get the support of a Health Coach and professional advice that is easy to follow.

Let's start with a non-obligatory, complimentary (yes, that means FREE)  Wellness Profile - online or in person. You can request one by filling out this form (it takes a minute to complete).

HOW does it work?

We start with a SIMPLE cleanse.

Then we'll help YOU build a healthy and balanced MEAL PLAN.

We will also provide advice on a suitable EXERCISE PLAN.

And... SUPPORT you in our group setting.

Sounds fun? Join us now!


To get started with our 21-Day Shape Up Challenge, please fill out the form (your information will be kept private and solely for your health coaching program).

1430 Tully Rd #417, San Jose,
CA 95122


Tel: 669 - 294 - 9296

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