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Why Choose A Health Coach?

A Health Coach provides assessments, and suggests most effective tools and solutions for your workplace. In office session and classes, or mobile app platforms that we provide are all easy to implement and utilize to maximize productivity, happiness and health.

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Employee Nutrition Workshops

Lunchtime or breakfast events cover a range of health and nutrition topics. These informal and informative talks highlight vital issues facing employees today. They are presented in an interactive, engaging manner providing practical advice to enable employees to take steps to change their diet and lifestyle.

We tailor topics to the individual company, seasons and interests. Here are some examples:

    •    Healthy Weight For Life

    •    Nutrition and Diabetes

    •    Nutrition & Heart Health

    •    Boost your Energy with Nutrition

    •    Seasonal Topics (Spring Fatigue, Holiday Stress,...)

    •    Simple Meal Ideas: Main Meals & Snacks 

    •    Choose Healthy on the go

    •    Nutrition and Stress Management

    •    Healthy Aging

    •    Family Health


We also participate in Seminars, Health Fairs, Healthy Breakfast Mornings.


Call us/email us for further details and pricing.

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